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Yoga is not just stretching or a fantastic workout. It is a practice for increasing self awareness, correcting posture problems, reducing tension, & stress. Please take steps to observe traditional yoga etiquette to ensure that you respect other people and will have the opportunity realize your full potential through yoga practices and ayurveda therapies.

General guidelines when at the Center

Be on Time

Turn off Phones

Comfortable Dress

Check your Classes Validity

Mats are Provided

Membership cannot be transferred

Get your towel

Respect your teachers & Peers

Do I need a medical check before I start ?

Yes, anytime you begin any exercise program, please consult with your doctor to ensure that the program is compatible with any of your existing medical conditions. Please also let your yoga instructor or Ayurveda practitioner know about any specific health conditions or problem areas in the body.

How do I book a class

You may book your first or trial yoga class by contacting us in various ways, using our contact form or booking button on the website, calling, messaging on WhatsApp or Facebook or alternatively email us at We will be happy to book your class and provide you with all the information you need to be prepared.

What other facilities are available?

  • Complimentary, nourishing herbal tea that is freshly made at the center, is available all times.

  • Water is also complimentary and always available! 

  • Magazines & books available for browsing in our waiting area.

  • Shop of Ayurvedic and health products available for purchase.

Can I gift a Class ?

Prem Yoga and Ayurveda Center has gift vouchers in many denominations which can be used for a yoga class or any Ayurveda treatment or Healing Therapy available at the center. These vouchers are available at the Center, or could be emailed to you  once the payment has been made.

Will Yoga help me loose weight?

The most important part of weight loss is a commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga will definitely help you burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve your posture.  Incorporating yoga into your life will cause you to want to eat and live better. Yoga is about healthy living, which includes exercising, healthy eating, getting regular sleep and relaxation.  If you plan to make yoga your primary form of exercise, ti is recommended to do a vigorous 90-minute yoga class at least three times a week.

how to cancel a class / treatment?

Please follow the same procedure as when booking, should you need to cancel a scheduled class or treatment. We appreciate if you could take the time to do this to be respectful of the instructors and practitioners at Prem Yoga & Ayurveda Center.

Can I take online classes ? 

While some treatments, events and workshops are better attended in person some of our offerings are available online from anywhere in the world. Please contact us if you are interested in attending anything virtually.

Do Instructors help to correct Postures ?

Traditionally, instructors will walk around the room and may adjust your position in a pose to help with proper alignment and to enhance the benefits of the poses.  It is not to “correct” you but to assist you in experiencing the pose in a deeper and/or safer way. If you prefer not to be assisted in this way then just mention your preference to the instructor either before or during the class.

Can Yoga help to recover from an injury ?

Yoga is a restorative practice that can help the body to heal and become stronger.  Be sure to tell your instructor at the start of class about your condition and they will be sure to give you modifications and variations so that your yoga practice will assist in your recovery.  Remember to work at your own pace and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right for your body.

In an unexpected condition, what happens to the unused classes ?

Good question. We understand that these things happen, and we would be happy to give you two classes beyond your validity date.

How to reach the PYA Center ?

The Center is centrally located on Sukhumvit /soi 26, in a pleasant residential area. The nearest BTS Station is Phrom Phong.


A 10-minute walk from the station or a bike taxi can bring you to the Center.


Got another Question ?

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