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Upcoming special event

Rebalance Your Energetic System

Join us to learn more about the Chakras, your energetic system, signs of an imbalance in your body and how to balance them.

• Check your Chakras with our special  tool
• Understand why our Chakras get imbalanced
• Balance the Chakras through meditation, cleansing and the use of our special Chakra oils and teas

30 May 3023

10 am - 12 noon

1499 baht

Upcoming workshop

Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient wellness modality which has roots from Rig Veda. Many Modern scientists have  already proved that sound can work as future medicine which can heal, insomnia, body pains, stress, anxiety, depression, fever, cough, cold, autoimmune disorders, and many other lifestyle diseases.

Here is an opportunity to experience  Sound Healing at Prem Yoga and Ayurveda Center with a famous Sound Healing Teacher, Himalayan Master YogShri. Come and join us to make a difference to your health and well-being.

30 May 2023

2 - 4 pm


Upcoming special workshop

Every machine comes with a manual, and the ancient science of Ayurveda is still the modern manual for the machine that we know as our human body. 

Learn about the concept of Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle. Learn or know more about your body constitution (Vata, Kapha, and Pitta) and Ayurveda Home Remedies to balance your doshas.

This session will be led by Dr Nishant Bhatnagar (MD Ayurveda) visiting from India.

31 May 2023
2 -
 4 pm
Free entry by reservation only

Upcoming course

Certificate in
Ayurveda Principles

Learn the Foundations of Ayurveda - deep concepts to diagnose the disease in the body and your body constitution or dosha (Vata, Kapha, Pitta). Understand the concepts of Fire, Toxins, Digestion, and Nutrition in Ayurveda. Learn the secrets of pulse diagnosis, and the Ayurveda diet. 

Program Schedule

Date: 1-5 June 2023
Time: 1:00 - 6:00 pm

Regular Fee: 20,000 THB

Discounted Fee: 18000 THB  (Before 28 May 2023)

Early Bird: 16000 THB (Before 25 May 2023)

Accredited by Maharishi European Research University &

Divine Healers Society

Certificate in Ayurvedic Principles.jpg

Upcoming special event

Developing a mindset which creates
freedom + peace

Special Guest: Nicole Annmarie

 a mindset + mindfulness coach

In this workshop, Nicole will share some ways you can shift your challenges so you can see possibilities. Do you feel like you’re not where you should be right now or you simply have a difficult time finding joy or positivity in your life… or simply want to add more.



- How can you honor where you are while creating possibilities for the future?

- How can you find peace in your day?

- What does liberation mean to you and how can you create thoughts which create more freedom and joy?

- What are some daily habits that you can include in your life starting now?

Wednesday, June 5th

3 - 5 pm

By donation

Upcoming course

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 1 -
Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Learn the art of sound healing with most renowned Sound Healing Teacher Himalayan Master YogShri from the world's Yoga Capital, Rishikesh, India 

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 1 Curriculum

Day 1: 

Power of the Sound

* Opening Ceremony
* Introduction to the Sound

* Concept & Application

* Brain Waves Relaxation Therapy

* Foot Reflex Zones Therapy

* Hand Reflex Zones Therapy

* Practice Hours 

Day 2:

Group Healing Session with Level 1 Singing Bowls

* Meditation Session
* Left Sole to Hair Tips 
* Concentric Rings 
* Loosens the Lower Hip Area 
* Loosens Shoulder and Neck Tension
* Helping the Digestive system 
* Sound Liberates the heart 

Mind Detox Therapy
* Adults & Children

* Aura Cleansing & Strengthening

* Self Healing with Singing bowls

* Practice Hours

Day 3:

Treatment of General Physical Ailments:

1. Joint pain
2. Shoulder Tension
3. Neck Tension
4. Headache
5. Migraine

*Practice Hours
* Questions and answers

Day 4:

Treatment of General Physical Ailments:

1. Digestive Disorder
2. Lower back pain 
3. Menstrual Pain
4. Fever
5. Cough & Cold 

* Practice Hours
* Questions and answers
* Certificate Ceremony


Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 1

Himalayan Singing Bowls 

DATE: 7 - 10 June 2023 

TIME: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Regular Fee: 20,000 THB 

Discounted Fee : 18000 THB 

Early Bird offer: 16000 THB (Before 31 May 2023)

Course accredited by Maharishi European Research University

& Divine Healers Society 

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 1.jpg

Upcoming course

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 2

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 2 Curriculum

  • Learn the ancient secrets of Chakra & Aura with traditional tools

  • Chakra healing (Regular, Individual & Professional Protocols)

  • Emotional Blockages Removal with Himalayan Sound Detox 

  • Space, home, room cleaning with psychic energies using Himalayan Singing Bowls

  • Group Chakra Healing Session

  • Tattva Balancing (Balancing of five elements), and opening energy pathways of the body

 Highlights of this course:
🪷 Written Manual
🪷 Secret of professional Healing
🪷 Spiritual Approach
🪷 Fee Membership of Divine Healers Society
🪷 Lifetime Support after the course 

🪷 Future resitting available with minimum charges 


Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 2

Date: 12-16 June 2023
Time: 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Fee/ Energy Exchange

Regular Fee: 31000 THB 

Discounted Fee: 25000 THB (for current program)
Accredited by Maharishi European Research University

& Divine Healers Society

Professional Diploma in Sound Healing Level 2.jpg
Free Guided Meditation Rashim12-13June2023.jpg

Upcoming special event

Guided Meditations

Special Guest: Rashim Gandhi Arora

Prem Yoga & Ayurveda Center is pleased to welcome back Rashim Gandhi Arora, a widely popular and powerful healer visiting from India. We invite you to join and experience the positive healing vibes in these guided meditation sessions.

Guided Meditation

Sunday, June 12th at 11am

Chakra Meditation

Monday June 13th at 11am

Booking for private sessions also available 

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