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Home of Authentic Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Therapies

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or new to yoga, you will find everything you are looking for at Prem Yoga & Ayurveda Center. Welcome to the home of authentic yoga, ayurveda and holistic therapies, based in Bangkok, connecting all over the world.

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Meet Our Practitioners

Bita Sethi


Bita Sethi

Baljeet Kaur Sethi, or Bita as she is also known, is the founder of Prem Yoga & Ayurveda Center, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Her passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle through Yoga and Ayurveda inspired her to open the Prem Yoga and Ayurveda Center which she has been leading for the past 12 years. Bita has a diploma in Yoga from the Sanjeevani Yoga and Nature Cure Institute, India and is recognized as a member of the International Yoga & Naturopathy Research Fellowship. She is also a holder of a Post Graduate diploma in Yogic Science and Ayurveda from the prestigious Mahidol University. She holds an M.A in Economics and completed her B.ED after which she taught at Jammu University for some time before moving to Thailand. Bita has created and designed yoga-training programs at the Suchada Marwah Center, Bangkok currently known as the International Research Center of Natural Science (IRCNS), Chiangmai. Bita has independently conducted yoga training at the Natural Cure Therapies Research and Training in Bangkok. This involved the preparation of training programs suited to each group. She has provided course materials and in depth training to students under the Ayurveda Training Program, Acupressure Reflexology Training Program and Yoga for Children. Workshops for groups are conducted at the Center on a regular basis to provide knowledge on holistic therapies , and their relevance in the modern world.

Guruji at Prem Yoga & Ayurveda


Zakaria or Guruji as he is respectfully known, has a deep understanding of Ayurveda, he lived among the tribals in the villages of India for many years, gathering and sharing knowledge about traditional herbs and the Ayurvedic way of life. Zakaria is a disciple of Baba Ramdev and holds a diploma of Yogic Natural Sciences and SMP (Sindha Medical Pundit). He also studied and practiced the traditional methods of Yoga as a disciplined Yogi. Guruji applies the Siddha system of medicine based upon the principle similar to Ayurveda considering that the human body is constituted from the 5 elements of the universe like Panch Mahabuttas. Along with these 5 elements the Siddha system considers that physical, moral, and physiological well being of the individual is governed by 96 factors. These include the diagnosis of all 5 senses: Pulse diagnosis, Tongue diagnosis, Sleep patterns, Sleep position, Life style, and Food habits. Diet and many more factors like stress and emotional trauma also affect the wellbeing of the person and subsequently the dosha as well. He conducts Therapeutic Yoga classes at the Center and a few sessions with him can provide relief from even the most chronic of ailments. An individual consultation with him provides a Body analysis based on Ayurvedic Principles. He has an innate ability to gauge your health condition through an examination of your pulse, eyes, tongue and nails. After the diagnosis, he recommends plant based herbal remedies, Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga therapy, according to your individual needs and lifestyle. He is an expert at suggesting diet suggestions for your body type and herbal remedies to cure common ailments.

Ayurveda Practitioner

Ayurveda Practitioner

Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn

Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn started her career in Natural therapies in 1999 with Acupressure Reflexology. As she provided the treatment sessions, she realized the need for incorporating a balanced lifestyle and appropriate diet to achieve complete health and harmony. Ayurveda filled in this missing link. It was the key that not only opened doors to numerous Ayurvedic treatments, but also gave her a profound understanding of the root cause of various disorders and the route to eliminate them. Sangeeta passes on the wisdom of natural healing through lectures at universities, workshops and training sessions. Other modalities that complement her therapy sessions are Meridian Therapy, Aromatherapy, CST. However, Ayurvedic Principles form the backbone of her therapies, whereby each client is guided through a series of therapies, a diet plan, exercise program and lifestyle balancing measures to synchronize oneself on all levels, from the physical to the subtle. She has been a visiting consultant for Ayurveda at TRIA Wellness Integrated Center, Piyavate Hospital, Bangkok. Sangeeta conducts online Ayurvedic consultations and teaches Ayurvedic courses in person as well as online for the Prem Yoga and Ayurveda center.

Baboo Ayurveda Practitioner

Ayurveda Practitioner


Kulvinder Kaur, also known as Baboo, has a Post graduate Diploma in 'Yogic Science and Ayurveda ' from Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia, Mahidol University. She is certified in shirodhara, mukha abhyanga and shiro abhyanga therapies and provides training in these therapies for individuals and small group classes. She also specializes in facial massages. Baboo is passionate about the traditional practices and techniques of Ayurveda and teaches 'Rainbow Nutrition for Balancing Chakras. With her experience in healing therapies, using traditional practices and techniques of Ayurveda, she is able to pursue her goal to serve society and help people to improve their sense of well-being. Her interests expand to a wide range of Holistic massage techniques, self care techniques, Reiki, Access Bars , Vedique cooking, Rainbow Nutrition for balancing Chakras, which give her a holistic approach and a strong connection to a more fulfilling life purpose in Natural Healthcare.

Khru Pearl @ Prem Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga Instructor


Pearl is a dynamic and experienced yoga instructor who has been passionately teaching at Prem Yoga for over 5 years. Khru Pearl teaches Advanced Hatha and Vinaya yoga styles. She also has experience teaching Pilates and Prenatal yoga which are available upon request. Khru Pearl motivates her students to do their best while advising modifications to the yoga poses as required and guiding students to heightened mind-body awareness.



Himalayan Spiritual Master

YogShri is a leading stress management coach from World's Yoga Capital Rishikesh India and learned the ancient healing modalities from Himalayan Mystics in India. He helped 10,000+ people from around 42 countries in the past decade; He has an extraordinary command of the energy system of the human body, the Yogic Meditation System, and Self-Healing Empowerment. His spiritual master initiated him into the Surat Sabad Yoga Tradition in 2011. He received all the Vedic scripture teachings from Swami Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India. YogShri is on the mission to create 1 million peacemakers and healers to impact the world using ancient spiritual wisdom, tools & teachings.

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