Testimonials from our happy clients!

Noppadon (Noi) Phansumrit


I’m a newbie to Yoga, only signed up to attend Pranayama and Yoga classes with Prem Yoga two months ago. The first few weeks was a bit of a struggle because of my stiff body and weak lungs. After two months, I can notice changes to my body; my waist shrank by an inch without any changes to my diet. My body has become much more flexible. I can manage to do Yogic squat and sit on my heels “Vajrasana Pose”. It may not be a big deal for others. But for a person who have suffered chronic knee pain for more than ten years. This is incredible!  Our teacher, Kru Bita, is friendly and patient. She’s always happy to answer all questions relating to the practices.


Michelle Ihrig

‘Having access to PranaYoga on zoom has been absolutely fantastic, it is the silver lining in this pandemic for me. It has been grounding, relaxing, reassuring and calming in a time when I have needed it most and because it is offered on zoom, it was like having my very own instructor from the comfort of my home. The breathing and stretching techniques are also something I can take with me everywhere. The experience has been an absolute blessing.’

Jim Caroll

I have practiced yoga off and on over the years and recently decided to do it on a more active and regular basis. The first place I tried was Prem Yoga and Prana Center and it was perfect for me. There are several instructors and various styles of yoga taught here, but my favorite is the fundamental prana: focus on breathing and stretching. The breathing energizes the blood and body, the stretching relaxes tight muscles: after a session I feel great and ready to tackle the day! The classes are small, the instructors are knowledgeable, the staff are helpful and friendly. If you want yoga with all the bells and whistles, this is not for you. If you want to breathe properly, feel energized and have a great attitude, come on by.

TTC Pranayama

I really enjoyed the course and still practice regularly. Look forward to getting back to Bangkok and do some more Pranayama sessions wuth Kru Bita. Highly recommend doing the TTC course in Pranayama with her.



Yoga helped me manage my Cervical Cancer 


My name is Sutharin and I have been coming to the Prem Yog & Ayurveda center since 4 months. I have a late stage Cervical cancer and after an Ayurvedic consultaation with Dr Zakaria, I starrted Yoga and Pranayama  classes with him. This along with the Ayurvedic massages, keeps me healthy , strong and full of positive thoughts. I have been able to hold up fine throughout the chemaothrapy sessions , feelong energized . I am grateful for the positive thoughts, attitudes and practices that I have learnt from the Prem Yog & Ayurveda center.

Barbara Murphy

I have enjoyed the ambience at Prem Yoga.Yoga is a great stress reliever,mentally relaxes you and gives a feeling of well being. Teachers work with specific attention to individual problems such as back pain, sciatica.I look forward to be back soon.

Tarini Graham

Pranayama Yoga with Bita has changed my life! My sister gifted a class for my birthday this year. After my first class I felt like I was able to come home to myself. I have continued practicing ever since & can’t imagine my life without it now. The combination of warm & efficient pastural care from Naina & Bita’s generous teaching style that allows everyone to work at their own pace & abilities makes the whole experience of practicing pranayama a powerful source for affirmation, self healing, nourishment & well being. I have been unwell this past year with a blood condition that has deteriorated muscle & cell tissue in my body. Since practicing my condition is steadily improving & I feel so much more energised & vibrant. It’s a good uplifting work out too - building my core, lengthening the muscles by letting oxygen in to release tension. I love the way Bita challenges us to reach further! Feel so grateful & blessed. Thank you & Bless you Guru Bita & Naina. It’s transformed the quality of my life & been a life line during lock down!...& they didn’t pay me to say this! 😂🙏✨💛 Namaste

Tanisha Pinto

Miracle Cure at Prem Yoga for Chronic Eczema


Today we celebrating the 30th day & counting .... of NO ALLOPATHY medications that of Steroids, Antibiotics, Antihistamines etc. Drugs that I lived on for 4 long continuous years until the BLESSED day of Dr Zakaria’s 90 days of strict diet & holistic lifestyle change treatment plan.
Words cannot express our deep gratitude to ALL at Prem Yoga. Starting from the Manager, Naina, the most responsive, incredibly kind & positive person, who on receipt of just a photo of my daughters chronic eczema/atopic dermatitis arm got me an appointment with the most knowledgeable strict Ayurvedic GURU & the owner Bita’s personal involvement & display of overwhelming Love & Dedication on the 29th most challenging day of my daughter’s treatment- contemplation to Ayurveda vs Allopathy. 
Having strong faith & spirit of that of a warrior I  chose the former & Prem Yoga left NO STONE uncovered to stand by my  decision and got down & dirty(literally) as it was part of the treatment.
We have nothing but deep gratitude to GOD & to our now extended Family members. 
We writing so as to encourage anyone seeking HOLISTIC approach to look no further.

Tanisha Pinto

19th Oct 2018

Parichat Chaianunn

I have been coming to Prem Yoga for so many years now that I have lost count.I come here to practice the Pranayama breathing which is an integral part of any yoga class.I find a lot of benefit in doing Pranayama ( Breathing class)which has made me feel stronger and calmer.I wish that there were even more yoga classes at Prem Yoga.I enjoy coming here as the Center has a very homey feel about it.

Anisha Sachdev Bedi

Ever since I had started going to the Prem Yoga center...I have enjoyed my exercises even more than before...It has definitely made me a calmer and more of a relaxed human being.....As I'm the youngest in my class, I feel that I have learnt from the best and it has definitely motivated me to do better. Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and understanding...I'm currently enjoying the zoom classes from the comfort of my home and hope to continue doing it online in the near future.



We visited Bangkok for a holiday and of course having massage is part of theritual. I wanted an Ayurvedic one so googled local to us and up popped Prem Yoga. I also read that they do Ayurvedic consultations and as at 65 I have the usual problems I gave it a go. Both my wife and I had a brilliant massage with Babu and then we sat down with Dr Zakaria who then literally blowed our minds away. How can anyone hold you’re hand, squeeze your fingers feel your feet and in 30 mins tell you exactly what my doctors have taken 2 yrs to discover !!! He knew my problems and character immediately and suggested Ayurvedic remedies via Naina (the doc doesn’t speak English) and ditto my wife. We then had a yoga session with him in a class and also breathing techniques. Let me sum this up .... occasionally one meets a man that changes your life and envelopes one in love, care and kindness that will positively change your life. Well ... this is the man !! Helped by the staff at the Centre who are just extraordinary and Naina who just went the extra mile. (Not to mention Love the dog who keeps an eye on everyone) Ok ..... if you do nothing else while In bangkok please visit the Centre and change your life !!!.. it’s the best thing you’ll do in your life. Nuff said

Lynn Dickinson

The Ayurvedic Aromatherapy massage(Abhyanga) at prem Yoga was a truly amazing expericence! I cannot believe how truly peaceful and relaxed I feel.The pains in my back have subsided in only two weeks.

Baboo seems to put energy into your body which makes me feel fantastic.

Thank you so much .