Be free and become the creator of your own destiny

“A healer is not someone who you go to for healing

A Healer is someone who triggers within you, your own Ability to heal yourself”

Hello and Welcome Beautiful Soul !!!

Did you know that you are the Creator of your own Destiny. All it takes is to tap into your Power and connect to Your Inner “God”.

The first time I experienced Healing, it felt like coming Home…Healing is actually the process of becoming Whole. It is less about fixing yourself than it is a practice of letting go

My Goal is to free your Soul so you can live Life to its fullest

To do so I allow Life force Energy to flow through me in a way that it becomes a guide, rejuvenating and empowering others.

I support people who are ready to say yes to their soul, to connect deeply to their inner wisdom, to focus on creating a life full of purpose, Love, Freedom and Happiness

Life and Purpose has been and continues to be about honoring my journey of Awakening so that I can be in service to others who are now in the masses, waking up to their spirituality, and desire to live a purposeful life and contribute to positive change

According to my inner guidance and the specific needs of each Client I apply a composition of Pranic healing, crystal lay- outs, guided meditations, Chinese astrology, Reiki, Meridian therapy, adding to it a personal approach.

Having gone through an out of body experience, revealing to me the concept of Twin Flames, past lives and ascension, I also guide clients going through their own awakening.

“A Healers power stems not from any special Ability, but from maintaining the courage and Awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses”


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