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A breath of life!

From my childhood, I had accepted Asthma medications as a part of my daily routine. My dependency so high on them, that I always had multiple inhalers across my house. I had tried yoga on multiple occasions but never stuck with it for any considerable amount of time and it was just another type of exercise for me.

After shifting to Bangkok, I wanted to change quite a few things with myself. Improving my Asthma condition was right on top of everything else. I was literally sick and tired of it! I knew exercise would help and so would regular swimming. However, I would get breathless in less than 10 mins of even slightly strenuous exercise! I love bootcamps, but didn’t have enough stamina for them. In middle of all these experiments, I discovered yoga, yet again. And this time, I stuck with it. And, for the first time, my teacher @Prem Yoga made pranayama my priority over yoga asanas.

I have always had a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to tall claims about anything. So when my teacher told me this isn’t just going to improve my lung function but it’s going to get rid of my steroid meds for good, I just smirked within. What I did know was that it made me feel good, so I persevered with it.

A few months later, I had a sudden realization – quite a few of the inhalers in my house had been over and I hadn’t even noticed that! I was walking around without one in my bag, sleeping without one by my bedside and exercising without one next to my mat. What a pleasant revelation! When I had my yearly medical test, my lung function, which had fallen to 50%, was up to 70%, in less than 6 months!

This has made me go even stronger with yoga & pranayama. In retrospect, I do realize that Pranayama would have helped me even faster had I stuck with it while younger. But even at 36, it has worked miracles with my lung function, wheezing, and acute Asthma attacks.

Pranayama, quite literally, breathed life into my lungs!