My Traveler’s Checklist

As a global Laughter Yoga Ambassador, in order to journey well throughout life into death, be that a mere year from now or 45 beyond that, I’ve created my personal traveler’s checklist. I hope it resonates with you!

Own the journey; take responsibility for it, no matter what circumstances or deficits you started out with or end up in

Pack plenty of faith, empathy, love, honesty, integrity, humor, and a trunk full of silly to minimize travel sickness and set the tone for a fulfilling journey

Travel light! Discard all that hampers, complicates, or doesn’t serve the journey

Prepare thoroughly while leaving plenty of room for the unexpected, especially miracles

Let providence and intuition guide, and don’t be afraid to change directions, often if need be

Ban all voices broadcasting fear or doubt. Tune into the ones that inspire loving song and dance in sync with the beauty of humanity

Wind down windows and fully experience every thrilling morsel one’s senses offer – they are gifts!

Laugh LOUD, often, and without reservation

Deal with glitches as mere bugs on your windscreen and not as catastrophes

When difficulties and disappointments come (and they will), turn headlights on high beam, rev engine wildly while beeping horn in earnest reminder of commitment to the journey

Realize that serious setbacks, breakdowns, unexpected expenses, and difficult people can be great teachers creating detours leading eventually to better roads

Occasionally do “hella-crazy” and gun it for the sheer thrill of having lived on the edge

Value rest stops in order to refuel, assess, and acknowledge the miles already traveled, as well as gaining your bearings

Travelling solo is a sacred practice. Enjoy solitude as the best and most wise company you’ll ever know

Travel partners are equally welcomed, especially those with little baggage heading in the same direction. Where warranted, offer lifts to other poor souls who are stranded or hurt—just as you will have need of assistance

Practice understanding and inclusion towards those whose journey is different from yours

Give way to others sometimes, even when you are in the right

Value the journey as a gift rather than gauging it solely by accolades, accomplishments, and accumulations

Rest easy at the end of each day having experienced it gratefully, creatively, lovingly, meaningfully, and wholeheartedly, so that the final destination will simply be another such glorious day!

(C) All rights reserved. Susan Dustin “Dusty” Hattan (Aldous) – An Arsenal of Optimism

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