A facial is a specialized skin care treatment in which pressure points on the face and neck are stimulated in order to release blockages in the flow of vital energy.

It’s a great way to treat your skin. It gives you a deep cleansing, improves blood circulation slows down the aging process and gives a younger looking and healthier skin. Your skin is as individual as you are. We offer a range of facial treatments to suit your specific needs.


Thermo Herb Facial (Skin Tightening Treatment)

The Thermo Herb Facial is a face lift, which deep cleans, restores, balances and tightens the skin. The mask consists of Calcium salts and a blend of natural herbs and plant extracts.


Snow White Insta Glow Facial

This facial is suitable for all skin types and imparts a radiant, youthful look to the skin. It reduces scars from acne, removes dullness and helps the skin regain its fairness and natural blush.


D Tan Galvanic Facial

This facial is best for skin that has lost its natural tint from sun exposure, or illness. It D Tans the skin and restores natural glow and radiance. It reduces the effect of U V rays on the skin and leave it looking softer, radiant, refreshed and moisturized.


Young Skin Facial (Pore Minimizing Facial)

This young skin facial has a beauty mask that helps to reduce the signs of aging in the skin. It reduces wrinkle formation and sagging of skin. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and helps in improving the collagen of skin.


AHA Facial

Alpha Hydroxy Acids rejuvenate the skin by allowing dead cells to shed off, thereby making room for regrowth of new skin.This treatment helps to reduce wrinkles, roughness and pigmentation of skin.



Aloe Vera Facial

Aloe Vera has unique healing effects, anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties. It reduces heat in the skin caused by sun burns. It shields our skin from dangerous toxins. It helps to fight aging and also acts as a moisturizer.


Rejuvenation Fruit Peel Facial (Bio Peel)

This facial helps in clearing uneven complexion, reducing scars or pigmentation. Fruit facials nourish the skin with essential vitamins and provide anti-oxidant properties.


RRR Facial

Rehydration, Rejuvenation and Regeneration facial is a complete therapy for aging skin.It not only works on the skin but also tones up facial muscles. The pure collagen mask applied at the end, supplies skin with 95% pure collagen that greatly improves the elasticity and hydration level of the skin.


Oxy Facial

 This facial is great for skin experiencing the effects of pollution and ageing. It infuses tired skin with a burst of oxygen, removes impurities, reduces blemishes, detoxifies and tones the skin and imparts a fresh youthful glow.


Mukhabhyanga (Anti-Aging Facial Massage)         


This is a traditional Ayurvedic Anti-ageing facelift massage. Specific marma points are gently massaged to diminish excess vata dosha (a primary cause of aging skin) and to reduce wrinkles thus resulting in clear smooth skin texture.