Chai Tea workshop

19th March 

Chai Tea workshop

Chai has a long history as a beloved beverage. The name literally means "tea," from the Chinese word "cha."

 Chai tea has always been extremely versatile, with preferred spices and a bold flavor and enticing aroma that few people can resist.

 Learn to make this herbal elixir in a variety of ways and prepare a delicious non gluten bread and cake to accompany it . 

999 baht  12:30 - 3:00 pm


Shankprakshalana-Yogic Colon Detox

21st March   Shankprakshalana- Ayurvedic Colon Detox

Yoga stresses the importance of maintaining the complete health of the digestive system through Shankprakshalana, a systematic and gentle method of completely washing the entire alimentary canal. 


By cleaning the entire digestive tract, we eliminate one of the major causes of physical stress, imbalance and disease, and thereby promote the health of the entire body.

A bowl of nutritious  khichadi with ghee will be offered at the end of the session.

 Come participate in a completely natural and rejuvenating session.

7:30-10:300 am 

1999 baht


Tibetan Singing bowls & Sound Healing Workshop

How to do sound massage, meditation and chakra balancing session

Workshop designed for:
>> Those who are interested in acquiring knowledge of the using sound of singing bowls in professional and everyday life.
>> Yoga teachers, who wants to integrate live sound of singing bowls in their shavassana.
>> Meditation teachers or practitioners who wants to level up their meditation.
>> Psychologists and hypnologists.
>> Energy workers. Reiki practitioners. Healers and facilitators.
>> Those who wants to maintain optimal health.